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Counselling Courses Transform Lives

From the moment a student steps into the first session of one of our counselling courses in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, the process of transformation begins.

It can be a very scary experience to begin learning again as an adult, it can also be daunting to find yourself in a group. For many people, it can trigger feelings and memories from school days, memories, that have long since been pushed to the back of the mind.

The very act of stepping into the room on the first day of your course, means that you have begun the process of transformation. You have committed to the course, the group and the process that lies ahead. Often a brave step, one that requires great courage.

As the course progresses, you will experience something unlike any group you have every been in before. Acceptance, respect, honesty, openness, sharing, realness, to name but a few of the things you will come to experience. The groups provide not only valuable teaching on counselling skills and theories, but also an opportunity for you to become yourself, to know yourself and to be accepted for who you are. Our excellent tutors are all wonderful counsellors and therapists too. They will hold the group in a way that is safe and provides everyone with the chance to be who they are and to be accepted for who they are. It is not often in life that this can be experienced.

This experience is the very same experience that counsellors will offer to to their clients. Counsellors will offer their clients acceptance and an environment in which it is safe to become who they really are. With this in mind, it is vital to us that we embody this in the training groups, so that our students get to witness the healing power of empathy, acceptance and genuineness. How better to learn this, than to experience it!

The process of transformation applies not only to our students, but also to the people you will go on to work with, your clients. You will have learnt the power and benefit of the core conditions of the Person Centred Approach to counselling, empathy, genuineness and acceptance and will be able to offer these to your clients. In addition the theories and concepts you will have covered in class, will help you to understand how people's personality is formed and how counselling theories can be used to help people with a range of difficulties. For many clients, what you learn and then offer to them, is transformation for them.

There can surely be no greater job satisfaction, than to know that you have been instrumental in helping someone to transform their life, perhaps from the depths of despair or depression, to one where joy and hope is possible.

Enroll on one of our courses now and be part of the transformation process.

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