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Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

At A Glance


  • This course is for candidates who want to take the next step in training to be a counsellor.

  • Requires a Level 2 counselling skills certificate or equivalent (at least 75 guided learning hours) and be 19 years old

  • 90 guided learning hours

  • 20 academic credits

  • Evening class and fast track options are available.

  • Course fee - Total course fee is £1,198. A £250 deposit is required when accepted onto the course, the remainder due when the course commences. This can be paid off in full with a one-time payment of £948 or with six monthly payments of £158

  • The evening option begins in September and ends in May, allowing you to study while continuing with work or other commitments

This course is taught in an experiential way and combines practical skills with theory. 


There will be tutor-led discussions and the chance for you to practice applying new theories and concepts to your practice in peer to peer skills practice sessions. 


The course takes a humanistic approach and it explores Gestalt, Person-Centred, CBT and Transpersonal ways of working with clients.  The aim is to equip you with a range of theories, skills and techniques that you can use in an ethical and effective way whilst developing a solid foundation for Level 4.


This course will teach you to:-


• Work within an ethical framework for counselling.

• Understand the counselling relationship.

• Understand difference and diversity issues to develop empathic understanding.

• Work within a user-centred approach to counselling.

• Use counselling theory to develop self-awareness in counselling practice.

• Understand theories of counselling and mental health.

• Use feedback, reflection and supervision to support counselling studies.


We look forward to welcoming you onto the course soon!


For funding details for this course click here


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