Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

At a Glance


  • This two year part-time counselling practitioner qualification gives learners the knowledge, skills and competencies to work as a therapeutic counsellor in an agency context.

  • Need to have completed a CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills and a CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies (or their equivalent) and be aged 19+ to enroll.

  • BACP approved qualification

  • 420 guided learning hours

  • 120 Credits

  • 36 Training sessions in each year

  • Fees £2400 per year including CPCAB registration fees  (installments available).


2021 Level 4 Courses in Ivybridge

Start September


Mondays 9.30am-4pm - FULL


Saturday 9.30am-4pm- 6 Places Remaining


2022 Level 4 Courses in Ivybridge

Start September 2022

and will run on a

Wednesday or Thursday 9.30am-4pm

(weekly term time)



This counselling course teaches you to work as an ethical and effective counsellor.  It spans two years as a part time course and takes an integrative approach to counselling.  The reason we teach an integrative approach, rather than a single modality (such as Person Centred or CBT) is because we believe that everyone is different.  What works for one client, may not suit another.  Therefore we believe that it is important to teach a range of theories and concepts that you can use in your client work.

We use our own Integration model (The Connections Model) which we teach as part of this course.  The model takes an holistic view of mental health and well-being.


Teaching is delivered in a very experiential and creative way and a typical session begins with some mindfulness, followed by information about a particular theory or concept.  Theories and skills will be practiced in skills practice sessions. 

The value of the therapeutic relationship is proven by research to be central to effective counselling and so we place great emphasis on this aspect of the training by embedding Person Centred concepts at the heart of our way of working.


There is a requirement for you to undertake a minimum of 10 hours of personal counselling in each year of the course and to complete 100 hours of counselling in a placement setting. 


The course will teach you to:


  • Work ethically, safely and professionally as a counsellor.

  • Work within a counselling relationship.

  • Work with client diversity in counselling work.

  • Work within a user-centred approach to counselling.

  • Work with self-awareness in the counselling process.

  • Work within a coherent framework of counselling theory and skills.

  • Work self-reflectively as a counsellor.

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Level 4 Councelling Course in Devon and Cornwall
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Our Level 4 in More Detail


We use a unique model to help you draw upon a range of counselling theories and concepts.  We call our model The Connections Model. The model helps counsellors integrate some really valuable counselling skills and ideas into their practice.  The Connections Model has been developed by our course director and has developed through years of counselling and psychotherapy practice.  It is based on the latest research being done within the counselling and psychotherapy world.  The Connections model helps counsellors to understand how mental health and wellbeing issues can be caused by a lack of connection to our whole self, mind, body, emotion, soul and to others.


The Connections model helps counsellors to use an integrative approach to counselling in a way that will benefit clients presenting with a wide range of problems, by helping them to establish and develop their connections.  Our level 4 course will show you how to use The Connections Model to integrate Person Centred, Gestalt, CBT, Transpersonal and some Psychodyamic ideas into a coherent way of working with clients.


At the heart of our model is the belief that the relationship the counsellor has with the client is the most important aspect of any therapeutic relationship.  Current research being done in the profession is showing that this belief is well founded.  Our level course 4 will help you to develop your own inter-personal skills as well as your understanding of some of the most well used counselling theories. 


We have an information sheet which explains the model in greater detail.  It is available on request.