Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

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  • Suitable for candidates who want to take the first steps in training to become a counsellor.  This course will not teach you to be a counsellor but will prepare them for the next level of practitioner training.  It is also suitable for candidates who want to learn competence in the use of counselling skills in voluntary or employed positions.

  • No previous training or experience needed, minimum age 18.

  • 90 guided learning hours.

  • Evening class or fast track options available.

  • 17 Credits.

  • Fees £795 (installments available)

  • The Fast Track option means that both the level 2 and 3 courses can be taken in one academic year, if done as a daytime option, but they are two separate courses. 


Next Level 2 Courses Available


Fast Track Course

September 2021 on Tuesdays 9.30am-4pm

in Ivybridge

2 Places Available

Evening Course

Enrolling for September 2021

Wednesday Evenings 5.45pm - 9pm

in Ivybridge

1 Place Available











This course will teach you a range of counselling skills.  These skills can be used in your existing job to enahance your communication skills as well as providing you with the the necessary skills to move on to a Level 3 course.  It is the entry point to training as a professional counsellor.


The counselling course is taught in an experiential way and you will be encouraged to participate in skills practice sessions with peers to develop the skills you will be learning.  The theoretical basis for the course is primarily humanistic, drawing on concepts from the Person Centred Approach to counselling. 


The course will teach you how to:-


  • Work within professional limits.

  • Maintain boundaries.

  • Communicate empathic understanding.

  • Work to the helpee’s agenda.

  • Develop your self-awareness.

  • Use listening and responding skills.

  • Give and receive feedback to develop counselling skills.


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Level 2 Councelling Course
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