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This article aims to explain why we do not offer or accept online courses. Every week we are asked if we offer them or if we will accept them as part of our progression route. This sheet explains why we don’t.

Do we offer distance learning or online courses?

NO! The reason we do not offer our courses via online or distance learning is that these courses are not generally recognised within the counselling profession. We do not wish to offer courses that are effectively worth very little as you try and progress in a career as a counsellor. Online courses are not accredited by our awarding body, CPCAB, who are the largest specialist counselling training awarding body I Europe. The fact that they do not accredit online courses says a lot!

Why is that ?

The counselling profession recognises that counselling work is all about relationships. Part of the training involves exploring our relationships with others and a classroom based training groups provides a microcosm of the world, in which we can do this. There is an opportunity through the training program to learn about relationships with others. It is also considered essential that students have the opportunity to practice using the skills and theories that they learn on peers in the training group in skills practice sessions. Clearly, neither of these opportunities are possible with online or distance learning courses.

I have already done an online course, will you accept that as part of your progression route?

Generally, no!

It is worth checking with us as every situation is different. However, as a general rule unless your online course has provided opportunities to practice skills on peers in a training group we will not accept them as part of the progression route for the reasons outlined above. By accepting online course certificates, we believe that we would be disadvantaging both the applicant who may well feel out of their depth in a live training group and other members of the group who have had a great deal of practice time on classroom based courses.

So where do you recommend I start?

Generally, you begin with a level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills, progress onto a level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies and then a level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. We offer all of these course in a class room based setting.

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