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Our Philosophy

Connect believes in a holistic approach to working with clients in helping and counselling work. We offer an integrative approach throughout our training. 


We believe that it is important to attend to all of the client, their mind, body, emotions and soul. Our courses reflect this belief, we will teach you a range of theories, techniques and concepts which will help you to work with the wide variety of problems that clients may present.

We believe in the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and promote their ethical principles both within the training we provide and within our work with clients. Our core ethical principles are: Being Trustworthy, Promoting Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice and Self Respect.


Our integrative training will introduce you to a range of counselling approaches, rather than one single counselling theory. We do this because we believe that everyone is different and that no single approach to counselling may not suit everyone. We believe that having a range of theories to draw on in our practice will mean that a wider range of clients may be served by our work and that we will be more able to meet their specific needs. We include Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural, Person Centred, Transpersonal and Psychodynamic concepts in our training.


Our Place in the Community


Here at Connect, we see ourselves as being an integral part of the community.  We are active and successful in setting up placement opportunities that are uniquely available to our students. We work with organisations such as Wolseley Trust, and Sunflower Women's Centre to ensure that our courses provide counsellors on placement with them with the training they need to work with their clients effectively. Our training venue is managed by The Eddystone Trust a well-known Plymouth-based charitable organisation.

We know that becoming a counsellor is often a passion that can be hard to fund. We aim to keep our course fees as affordable as possible and offer extended payment options to make our courses available to a wide range of applicants.  We believe that the high-quality counsellors that leave our courses will offer a valuable service to their communities.

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